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An Afternoon With The Taggs | Documentary Family Photography

7th August 2017 Families, Uncategorised

Last month I visited the Taggs in their gorgeous home in SW London for a documentary family photography session as an extra special Fathers Day present. These An Afternoon With…sessions have been wonderful this summer and I’ve loved every single one. This one was especially fun and their little girl was just a complete bundle of excitement and cheekiness and a complete dream to take photos of. From making (pretend) tea and cakes for us to jumping up and down…

An Afternoon With The Roberts | Tunbridge Wells Family Photography

15th May 2017 Families

As a Tunbridge Wells Family Photographer I’m spoiled for choice of beautiful parks and stunning locations to shoot in but nothing excites me more than being in a families home and seeing their children run around playing happily in their garden as the sun shines. I’ve been planning on spending some time with the Roberts family for awhile so when Sinead suggested getting together for a little Afternoon In The Life Of… shoot I couldn’t have been happier. These kids…

The Barnetts | Whitstable Family Photography

14th May 2017 Families

Oh wow, what an afternoon. I was lucky enough to hang out with this gorgeous trio not long ago and we explored the beaches and jetty’s of Whitstable, played with the pebbles, made some bubbles and then afterwards we went for fish & chips together! Whitstable Family Photography is fantastic for me. As a location, it’s pretty hard to beat and even when the wind is blowing a gale and the sun is bright and harsh its a joy. From…

Arthur | Newborn Photographer In Kent

11th May 2017 Families

I absolutely love these guys. I was fortunate enough to photograph Liz & Andy’s wedding a couple of years ago and it was one of the best weddings I’ve ever shot. We’ve stayed in touch and as soon as I heard that little Arthur had arrived I jumped at the chance of taking some pictures of them together as a family. Being a Newborn Photographer In Kent is something really, really special. I get to be there with people as…

The Hurleys | Newborn Photographer In Kent

11th May 2017 Families

Being a Newborn Photographer In Kent takes me into peoples homes often, each time hearing stories of how life is changing day by day for new parents and how their world has been tipped (happily) upside down. A few days ago I got to meet Rebecca & Ross as they adjust life with not one, but two amazing new babies. Chloe & George were born just a few short weeks ago, tiny and perfect and after spending a little time…

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