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11.05.17 Families

Being a Newborn Photographer In Kent takes me into peoples homes often, each time hearing stories of how life is changing day by day for new parents and how their world has been tipped (happily) upside down.

A few days ago I got to meet Rebecca & Ross as they adjust life with not one, but two amazing new babies.

Chloe & George were born just a few short weeks ago, tiny and perfect and after spending a little time sussing things out in the special care baby unit they’re now home where they belong making their Mum & Dad beam with pride.

Ross is a fantastic wedding photographer in his own right so it was an absolute privilege to get to photograph him and his gorgeous little family at home.

I love these sessions, being in someones home, looking for light and telling peoples stories so that in years to come children can look back and see what their very first home was like in those early precious, sleepless weeks is a complete dream for me to photograph.

If you’re looking for a Newborn Photographer In Kent I’d love to hear from you…

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