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Arthur | Newborn Photographer In Kent

11.05.17 Families

I absolutely love these guys. I was fortunate enough to photograph Liz & Andy’s wedding a couple of years ago and it was one of the best weddings I’ve ever shot. We’ve stayed in touch and as soon as I heard that little Arthur had arrived I jumped at the chance of taking some pictures of them together as a family.

Being a Newborn Photographer In Kent is something really, really special.

I get to be there with people as their worlds are changing, in between sleepless nights and trying to figure everything out. Having been there not so long ago with George I know how precious these weeks and months are and just how fast they speed by.

These Newborn photography sessions are really intimate and involve the whole family, it’s never my intention to focus in purely on the baby or to pose them or use props or hats etc.

For me, I simply want to capture that warmth and love that exists just after a baby has arrived and rocked your world in a hundred different wonderful ways. That means being at home, being together, using the natural light thats available and creating a beautiful record of just the way things were, right there and then at that time.

Here’s a little handful of my favourites of the super cute Arthur…

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