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17.03.17 Families
"Hannah came to photograph my lovely little family a couple of weeks after Betsy was born. It was such a brilliant experience and she totally put my partner and I at ease (despite him really not liking having his photo taken at the best of times, he's now a covert and wants to do another shoot when Betsy is older!) We all loved the session, Hannah's way of just calmly photographing us in our normal day meant that Betsy stayed super relaxed, as did we, and we got some stunning photographs that captured the most important time of our lives. Thank you and see you for the one year pics!”

This is Betsy, she’s pretty adorable huh? Yeah, I’d say so too. Simon & Fran are two of the kindest, funniest and most gentle souls you could ever wish to meet in your life. One cold day in December I got to spend the morning with the three of them in their home in Tunbridge Wells to take the photographs below.

As you probably already know, all of these photographs are taken during a very relaxed, hands off documentary family session. For all of my Kent Family Photography sessions I don’t use any props or posing, I just photograph a small chunk of your life, as it happens. These photos are pretty much everything that I try and do each time I visit a family in a nutshell.

We spent a couple of hours together, we drank some tea, we watched Betsy yawn and gurgle and using the natural light available in their beautiful home made photographs of them together as a new family, in the first few weeks of this big new adventure, figuring things out and being generally bowled over by the wonder of it all.

These early weeks pass in a blur of nappies, tiredness and night feeds but in amongst all that are moments of warmth and genuine love that you only experience when your first child arrives. It’s complete magic, and its a real treat for me to be there to photograph a little piece of it.

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